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How I Went Up 4 Cup Sizes [32A to a 34E]

Hi Loves!

I'm Emily Loretta and for the past year I've been on a NBE (Natural Breast Enhancement) Journey. I've had great success in this journey and have gone up FOUR CUP sizes since starting!! From a 32A to a 34E! I use sites such as BreastNexus and BlackHairMedia to track my growth and also talk to other ladies who are growing their breasts through natural means. Both sites are great for picking up tips and I definitely  recommend anyone reading to check out those sites as well.

But what I really wanna share with you guys is how I gained inches on my breasts and went up cup sizes.  So I guess like most women looking into NBE, I was't happy with my breasts size. I LOOOOOOVE my body [I mean I AM hot lol] but I still wanted to improve my bust size. So when I heard that a body cream company that I was using had developed a breast enhancement cream I was pretty excited and ordered a 4oz jar just to test it out.  

Immediately I noticed my breasts rounded and filled out even though the tape measure didn't move. 
[Check out my pictures here on BlackHairMedia] I loved the full feeling that Booby Stacked [that's the name of the cream] gave my breasts and I knew it was working because I stated fitting into my old bikini top better and my friends started asking if my breasts were getting bigger as well lol I continued using it and gained an inch on my bust to go from 32 inches to 33 inches and then stalled in growth so I stopped using it for a while.

I then ordered a bottle of 400mg Pueraria Mirifica off eBay and started taking those for a while along with massaging and while it did give me great fullness and perked up my breasts even more then before I didn't get any growth but I do believe that the Booby Stacked and the Pueraria Mirifica awakened my breasts cells to allow growth to begin. After my bottle of PM ran out I switched over to fish oil or more specifically Norweign Cod Liver Oil.

The NCLO would give me great fullness and growth and made me grow but it always disappeared when I showered [had to get the smell OFF me lol] but I couldn't afford anything else at the time so I stuck to it and in the end I got an inch of growth to bring me up to 34". But it went back down to 33" a little while later, I mainly use NCLO for maintenance when I run out of my other products now.

For a while all I did was massage with baby oil but wasn't too consistent with it after a while even though I did see great fullness with it. In around...I wanna say December of last year [2011] I ordered more Booby Stacked and PM to use early this year. I used the Booby Stacked sparingly on my breast to just keep my breast receptors active while I took the PM to give me growth but the PM was very strong and it messed up my cycle so I stopped using it and just used the Booby Stacked every now and then because I wanted to get my cycle back in order first. 

After I ran out I did a cleanse and stopped using all Natural Breast Enhancement products all together because I was kinda losing hope for a while but then I read some inspiring stories about women growing their breasts on BreastNexus the most inspiring being Cheryl1989's [My jaw dropped when I saw her progress photos]!! Oh she has a forum that you guys should also check out!! So anyways I started a new NBE Program and ordered more Booby Stacked and also decided to try the companies newest product Ultimate Stacked [It's a combo pill of Maca, Aguaje, Dandelion Root].

My NBE Program:

Fenugreek x 3 (610mg)
Fish Oil x 1 (1000mg)
Gelatin x 1 (500mg)
Ultimate Stacked x1 (325mg)
Vitamin D x 1 400IU
L- Ariginine x 1 (500mg)
Tribulus x1 (250mg)

And I was rubbing on Booby Stacked also. In all I gained an inch and a half to put me at 34.5".

I recently ran out of the Booby Stacked [maybe a month or so ago] and decided to try something new because I wanted better and faster results so I picked up a bottle of Organic Flaxseed Oil from my local Wal-Mart and it's been the besssssssssssst decision ever!!! I continued taking my vitamin regiment [I did switch from L - Ariginine to Gingko Biloba though ] and started rubbing on FSO, and almost immediately I noticed fullness and roundness and it was unlike anything else. I started rubbing FSO around the beginning of July and now at the end of July I've gone from 34.5" up to a FULL 38" and am now a 34E (DD)!! Wooooooot!!! lol FSO gave me a MUCH needed growth spurt and I loooooooove it lol.

You can check out my thread about my NBE here of BreastNexus and here on BlackHairMedia!! And please check back here to for my updates. My current goal is a G - Cup and 40" hope to make it soon!!

Start: 32-25-35
Current: 38-24-38
Goal: 40-23-40

Above Breasts: 33"
Breasts: 38"

Under Breasts: 27"

Bra Size 34E


  1. Hi Emily! So what made you choose flax seed oil? Just curious?

    Great job btw!!

  2. Also how are you rubbing the oil? I am going to try this method ASAP!!! Thanks for this blog! It is awesome!
    Will you be posting pics here as well?

    1. It was on a whim really, I always knew Flaxseed Oil was phytoestrogenic but didn't really pay no mind til I saw it one day in Wal-Mart and decided to try it out and oh wow am I in love.

      I use the disk massage when I rub it on, ou move your hands around your breast like they were cd disks, and please let me know how it goes. And thank you! =D

      And I might at a later date I haven't decided. Although my pictures are on BreastNexus and BlackHairMedia

    2. That is awesome! I am excited! I will definitely keep you posted! I did see your results on Breastnexus! Amazing!!I was just wondering if you were planning on posting any here. I am going to Walmart TONIGHT! lol

      Are you on caffeine restrictions at all?

    3. That's great, can't wait to hear about your updates! =D lol wow eager to start! But just a little recommendation before you do do a little mini water cleanse to get as many toxins out of your system first to see best results. And yes I reduced my caffeine drastically. Since it can inhibit breast growth.

    4. Okay great! Thanks. I actually am in the middle of a cleanse now. I will start next week then! Thanks for the info!!

    5. That's great! So your already half way then lol and your welcome hun! I wish you the best of luck!

    6. I have flexseed oil softgels. So do i take the softgels bymouth or open then up and rub..

  3. Emily!! Thank you so much for this info!!

    I began the day after we spoke. I figured since I had been doing the cleanse already it wouldn't hurt. But i measured today (because my boobs feel very heavy today) and gained an inch already! It may be swelling so I will check again in the am. But, even if it is actually half, it is still GREAT! It hasn't even been a full week yet!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. Your welcome! I hope it really does work for you! That's really great!! =D

    2. Hi Barbi. I was wondering if you found any improvement. You say your breasts have grown one inch bigger in only one week. But you didn't post anything since then. Could you keep me posted of your results? Thanks.

  4. Hey emily can you explain how the massage goes i'm really not understanding sorry if i seem slow lol

    1. For the massage I just rub my breasts in a circle motion. Start at the base of your breasts and move clock wise on your right breast and counterclockwise on your left breasts. I hope I explained it better lol good luck hun

    2. Hi emily so I am a cup a at this point and I am egar to start this process as I am getting married and nees results as soon as possible. I did get a bit lost with all the supplements that were used if you could be so kind on witch to use just step by step.
      Ex: take the flaxseed seed oil three times a day and this supplement everyother day etc. thank you much hope to hear from you soon!!

  5. How long do you massage? And do you have pictures of your growth. 4 inches in a months period is a lot! If I can get that much I'll be satisfied. Anywho let me know girly. Love to blog

    - ellabella

    1. It depends on how mouch time I have but at the least 5 - 10 minutes a few times throughout the day. And yes on BreastNexus I do but I'll be posting more sometime. Also there's a secret to this NBE thing, exercise and sleep! They both produce HGH will give NBE results a huge boost, your breasts will grow bigger and fuller with HGH.

  6. Hi Em! Great work! This is awesome! Most people only get up to 2 cups increase max! But you can get 4 cups sizes without surgery! just wonderful!

    I am 21 years old, almost 32A.

    I've started massaging 3-4 weeks ago using breast cream (contain turtle oil) and followed by taking fenugreek capsule 2x/day (1000 mg each). Now I add baby oil and vit e to my massaging regime 1-2x/day for 15-30 mins each session. They seem fuller but still 32A. They swell after massage since it's a pretty long session. But when I wash off in the morning to get rid of vit e smell, my breasts go back to its original size.

    Do you reckon I should just change my breast creams to flaxseed oil by "blackmores" or "nature's own"? Will that be more effective? I also still have a bottle of Evening Primrose Oil and Fish oil by blackmores. Will that work too (contain phytoestrogen?)? Or is it still too early to get some results (4 weeks now)...?

    When you massage your breasts, do you massage just around the breast (the area that has not developed yet) or on the breast's fat itself? Do you avoid the nipples? With direction, I usually start at the centre of the chest, then go below, and up to its respective armpits. Is that the correct way?

    Please reply! I'll keep you updated!

  7. Hi! How are you? One of the reasons I posted my story is that I wanted women to know YES it is sooooo possible to increase 4 cup sizes without surgery! NBE is real!! And it works!!!!

    Firstly I say stick to what your doing for two more weeks, if you don't get the results you want then maybe go ahead and switch to Flaxseed Oil but make sure its organic also. And I'm not sure, I've never taken EPO oil or used it to rub it on. But the reason Flaxseed Oil works well is because of the Omega 3's in it that fattens up the cells.

    I like to massage the whole breasts, including the underarms since thats breast tissue to. I make sure to get everything and no I don't avoid the nipples lol I'm actually getting puffy nipples from it too. I start at the top of the chest, and then center then bottom, then sides then back at top. Are you taking any other herbs/supplements for NBE btw?

    1. Hi! sorry for the late reply! I really like your article to encourage women to try NBE. I guess it's just the commitment with the right products! =)
      I'm skinny because I have fast metabolism and breast tissue cells are made up of fats, that's why I dont get any... =S

      I'm not sure if Blackmores stuff is organic... I'm taking EPO and fish oil by Blackmores internally, just for general health purpose (as bottle says it promotes healthy skin,nail, and hair). My EPO and fish oil are combined in one, so it has omega 3 and 6 altogether. Do you reckon that'll work? I'm not sure where to get organic stuff here. Fenugreek capsules I'm taking is by Nature's own. Again not sure whether they are organic... I cant get booby stack cream here in Australia. Doesnt have walmart...

      Thanks for the massage tip! I've been wondering if I do the right thing all along! =) hehe. No just fenugreek. I'm not sure if it works... The massage works better, I think... That's why I'm thinking to get better massaging cream that can help to promote growth directly, not just for lubricant...

    2. Hi Emily,

      I am trying a routine inspired by yours but was wondering do you take all your supplements at the same time and how many times a day did you take them to grow the 4 inches? Also, when you massage several times a day, are you using the oil everytime?

      P.S. My booby stacked is on the excited!!!

    3. Yeah, I'll forget if I break it up. So I take it all at one time only once a day. And the 4" growth came from rubbing FSO externally on my breasts. My breasts just blew up when I rubbed it on. lol And no, not everytime because I do small massages through out the day aswell. And yay! I hope you get some good growth from it!!

    4. Hi Emily!
      I was wondering If you were to stop rubbing the FSO on your breasts would they return to their normal size? also do is it nessisary for me to be taking all those other vitamin tablets for my breasts to grow?
      - Thanks a bunch xx

  8. I rubbed the flaxseed oil on my breasts 3x a day, I took the pills listed in my post in the morning everyday as they are listed. I tried the on and off days and got confused and messed up. I think everyday is better.

    The pills did not give me to much growth it was more so the flaxseed oil. And as of now I'm using Muscle Rub on my breats and receiving greats results from that as well. And this is a long process so make sure to have patience.

  9. This is amazing. I am 28 years old, have two kids and have no boobs at all. I have a 28AA seriously. I just took breast actives for a month felt tingle for a week and that was about it. I hope something works for me as well.

  10. Hi, your blog and your posts have been such an inspiration! I always thought the only way to enlarge breasts was to get a breast augmentation, but wow, 8 inches! Can you possibly post a before and after picture? I know you've done so before on other forums but it's been awhile so they're not viewable. Would you recommend this for someone whose body is still developing? I might grow maybe an inch or 2 but I don't feel like my boobs will get much bigger. I just feel really lopsided because of my pear shape :/ I'm 26" under my bust and wear 32 B-C, and my measurements are 31 - 21.5 - 35. My really round hips and perky butt only emphasize that I have almost nothing on top lol :/

  11. @bcachisley

    Breast Actives from my understanding does not work and is a scam. Others might have different opinions but this is from what I've readon all the boards pertaninig to NBE. So I would try switching to something that has a good reputation.


    Thank you so much!! Bigger breasts are definitelyy achievable through NBE, just requires alot of patience. And yes I know, I actually took down alot of my photos, I've had 3 different sites steal my photos so far, and I don't like them using my photos to sell whatever nonsense their selling. In future I might put back up some along with some new ones. And I think NBE is best for those who are 19 and up actually, because you go through a second growth spurt in your 20's so in addtion with NBE your breast size can increase dramactically. For those 18 and down, this can actually caus a reverse affect and cause them to be underdeveloped. For those younger, I suggest Flaxseed Oil though.

  12. Thanks guys, for sharing such informative data.
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  13. Hi Emily. Thanks for sharing your story. I came across it as I was googling "how to get bigger breasts naturally". I read another blog and if I'm honest it just had "click here" links everywhere lol the blog was basically fake. A company must have made it up to sell their product and promote it
    Anyway I'm 18, 19 in a month, and I have such small boobs that its embarrassing
    Your story has given me hope. But I just want to HONESTLY know whether its true or not? Please take no offence. I just don't want to Invest in flaxseed oil and spend time doing the massages if its not true
    I hope you understand
    S x

  14. Hi I need advice plz my doctor won't help me and I can not afford breast implants Iam happy with the size of my bust it's just I've lost firmness due to loseing some waight and it's made me very self conscious and very upset I need to now if there are any pills or creams or anything that will help me been searching the net for a long time and there's a lot saying that nothing will work only surgery and then there's uther people saying that pills are the best way to enhance the bust Iam so confused and need help plz .

  15. Hi Emily....what would you recommend for someone just starting out? I recently began taking Maca Root but that's about it. I was wondering what other pills/oils/herbs I should try--I know that PM is popular but I see you aren't using it. Do you think your results are permanent and can be maintained without the supplements/oils? And have you ever used the Noogleberry?

  16. Increasing bust size actually adds a lot of benefits to a woman’s overall life. According to a study recently sent in to the Huffington Post, when women were asked if they’d rather have larger breasts or a higher IQ, 41% went with the boobs! Natural Breast Enhancement

  17. Need help.
    My right breast is 1 inch smaller than the left one. Can I use FSO on my right breast ONLY to make it equal to my left breast.

  18. hi Emily , congratulation .
    i was taking bountiful breast pills for 6 months with no result at all .
    i was about to lose hope till i read your story .
    my breast size is smaller than your first size and i'm 28 years old i don't know if your program will work for me too or not .
    but i wanna ask you from which trusted website can i get these things you mentioned ( fenugreek ,fish oil , gelatin ... etc ) ?
    and what about flaxseed oil pills isn't it good ?

  19. @Emily Loretta i don't quite understand how your doing your massages so do think i sould try the chi massage thanx

  20. hello emily,
    i was wondering if i used the flaxseed, fish oil, fenugreek, and massaged with tge breast cream if it would actually work. im a 34 a and super insecure and i dont wanna waste my time. please help

  21. I do think the oils will help. Just be consistent with them. I get the majority of my stuff from Swanson Vitamins. And I use Thai Breast Slapping, Marmet Technique, and general cupping and squeezing.

  22. Can you tell me a list of everything you use n do I'm 23 n have 4 kind n I lost a cup or 2 size n my boobs n I just want get them back I can feel better about myself so plz help

  23. Hi Emily! for you blog!

    You mentioned that you use Muscle Rub now and getting good results. What made you start using that? Also can you provide more details about the muscle rub and your routine with it?

    Do you think it works better than FSO?

    Also will we need to continue using FSO or muscle rub forever to maintain the results?

    Thanks again! :)

  24. I just noticed how we it work to swell things, and that's essentially what we want to do so I just rubbed some on, if anything I could wipe it off real quick. But I instantly started seeing swelling and it was a wrap from there. I actually like the two together for best results but no, definitely not! I stopped using both for about 2 months now and and my breasts have not gone down at all.

    1. Hey Emily! Thanks for.your reply! :)

      Which muscle rub do you use?

  25. Hi Emily do you think I need to take the booby stacked pills along with the other products you used? Or would fso mixed with fenugreek then messaged into the breasts give good results? the fenugreek i use is a brand of tea from whole foods and i brew it for a awhile then add to lotion.

  26. Hi Emily, I wonder the flex seed oil must be those for massage. cos I saw in ebay those for salad or cooking is it suitable?

  27. Will it work if I just use fish oil??

  28. hi Emily Loretta did you feel any tingling sensations, growth pains?

  29. Hi Emily,
    Is there any other herb as substitute for fenugreek, as I always end up with wheezing after taking it. really appreciate ur help n btw your results are so inspiring.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. May I ask which Organic Flaxseed Oil bottle did you purchase? Choices galore! Thank you!!

  32. HI Emily, I was just wondering if you eventually stop this process or whether you constantly have to keep at it to keep the results?

  33. Hi emily
    Thank you soooo much for sharing your info. I will try the FSO but can it be more effective if i used the fso pills ?(if there are one?)

  34. you are amazing, thank you so much for making this post and for free! such successful story you could easily write a book and make tons of money!
    I think the flaxseed oil restored any fatty lipids that was missing, plus the massage while your blood was full of estrogen from taking all those herbs and vitamins, your body just responded. Thats the trick with the herbs, you have to experiment until you find whats actually missing from your body to see real results. I have A cups and I don;t want to do surgery, my A cups even though they are small they are perky and well shaped, I don;t want to loose their natural shape with big fake balls, I prefer my small breasts, but I am a round perky woman and athletic, having a bigger size boobs will bring balance to my body and this is something I want so much!
    My personal routine is this (i take those herbs not only to increase my breast size but because I suffer from PCOS and those herbs did a great job with my period, im finally a healthy person):
    Pueraria mirifica 800-1000mg per day for 14 days per month and 14 days rest.
    Agnus Castus 1000mg 2 times per day and sometimes once per day
    Saw Palmetto 3 times per day 500mg (i suffer from facial hair, so I need to decrease my testosterone levels which also might be a reason for undeveloped breasts, and Pueraria also helps for this)

    now I will add flaxseed oil and massage them 3 times per day, and for now thats it, I take lots of vitamins from eating lots of fruits and vegetables and protein from cheese, yogurt, milk and eggs and seafood, I don't want to over do and give it time to see the results. And I will also add a regular work out to increase HGH.
    So far the herbs work to regulate my period, no more bloating and pain, but I still suffer from acne, but this might be also from extreme stress the last 4 years, so lately I treat myself at home like im at a spa, with massage, positive affirmations, relaxation, and all the good stuff :) it is time for me to make some changes.
    even if I don;t get double DDs, any positive result that will add to my health will be a huge plus for me!

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  36. Thank you for the blog. This helped a lot. I've gotten some flaxseed oil now. Also if anyone was wondering about the massage I've read with an article called "Increase a Cup Size in 30 Days with Breast Massage".
    There are also other articles the blog has. No disrespect to Emily I just want to give some other tips and share my experience with the others.

  37. I even have been getting a lot of helpful and informative material in your web site.

  38. boob pop is best tool for make breast bigger naturally so try them and make your breast large.

  39. Emily, is it possible to just use SFO (minus all the herbs and massage cream) to gain many cup size growth? Inspired by you tremendously!!!

  40. Emily, do you use breast pump to increase the size? Or did your tremendous growth is based on the use of SFO massage only? I am thinking of using only hops and fenugreek seed suppliment with SFO massage. Do you think this combination is good enough or should we all follow your regime? Thank you very much for helping us.

  41. Hi emily.
    Really happy you got your size.
    Please tell me which company flaxseed oil you use.
    I can't take any supplements. But would love to try the oil.
    I am not even a 32 size.
    And I hope it works for me like it worked for you.
    Please do reply

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. I'm super late.. I know.. and I've been trying NBE on and off. But I wanted to ask, what is the brand name of the organic FSO you purchased from walmart? They have a couple listed, but none state organic. Thanks and wish me luck!